Text development

The service

I develop academic and business texts and make them more precise, coherent, and easier to understand for a wider audience.

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I focus on editing

  • academic texts in social sciences especially applied works in economics, politics or international relations (such as textbooks, popular texts, reviews, undergraduate and graduate theses, solutions to practice questions),
  • business texts (such as consultancy reports and market analysis),
  • presentations.

Tech options

I have learnt to work with a variety of tools used in academia and business such as

  • MS Word with track changes,
  • PDF (annotated),
  • LaTex and Overleaf,
  • Markdown,
  • presentation platforms like MS PowerPoint or LaTex beamer.

Language skills

I am not a native English speaker. I make some language edits as I go along to help readers, and some stylistic suggestions.


“We are grateful for Sarolta who read and edited endless versions of chapters, checking consistency, clarity and pushed us to make the text more coherent and accessible.”

Gabor Bekes and Gabor Kezdi